[gundam] Orphans Of The Ecliptic

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A news report on the Czech Republic reminded me of something that impacts
our recent discussion of Gundam characters as orphans.

Unlike the US byt like Japan, the Czech Republic does not base citizenship
on place of birth but rather by bloodline. My dear friend, Iva Toguri,
could've saved herself a lot of grief simply by signing a Japanese family
register, which would've made her a Japanese citizen by right of blood
relation. Because she didn't, she remained an American citizen, but she
could've claimed her Japanese birthright at any time, even though she was
born and raised in California.

Conversely, those with insufficient blood relationship can't become
citizens. This is why 3rd- and 4th-generation Japanese volleyball players
had to travel to America using Korean passports -- their grandparents were
Korean, so they were not and could never be Japanese, despite subsequent
intermarriage. The Japanese who married their Korean forebears lost their
citizenship in the process, rather than conferring it on their spouses, as
would be the case in America.

This brings us to the question of Federation citizenship. By American
laws, everyone would be a citizen of the Federation because they were born
into it -- there's no other government. On the other hand, their still
seem to be nations and nationalities. If we apply Japanese laws, everyone
would be a _member_ of the Federation to some degree, but a _citizen_ of
whatever nationality with which they had a blood relation.

Given that "entire populations" were uprooted and transported to space, it
follows that the colonies so produced would be nationalities of one
bloodline or another and the colonist would be citizens of those


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