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> << What was good, though, was he really refrained
> from overdoing those "Goblin" designs of MS w/ huge ass and almost no legs.
> How do these monstrosities walk with so little leg support, anyway?
> >>
> But are legs really necessary in space or water?
> Jason

Well, if you are going to assume a transforming (moving limb) craft then,
ya, they are necessary. Try cutting off the legs of a seal and see how
well he swims. Mobile suits have thrusters on their legs, right? I would
suppose being able to move the legs would give extra directional vectors
that simple engine cones that swivel through 5 degrees or so of arc could
not. Limbs period aren't necessary in space or water but your question
implies that you think arms and heads are necessary. I suppose the real
question is would those mechs ever need to function on land, too?


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