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>> and who
>> knows, maybe we should wait for the upgrade of the gundam before saying
>> anything. If memory serves me right, gundams always get a tune-up and
>> additional stuff midway through the series...besides, the series sounds
>> good.
>Thats what I'm hoping for. The upgraded Gundam could be 100% worse then the
>current Turn A Gundam mecha or it could be 100% better, but I doubt this,

        I just had a magnificent thought: what if the moustache is a weapon?

        "Turn-A, SLAAAAAASH!"
        <removes crescent from face and throws it at enemy>
        <crescent turns into a shining sliver of minovsky particles and slices
through the enemy before returning to the turn-A's hand, weheupon it glowes
once, before it is returned to the face...>


"Magic is the hand of faith..."

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