Re: [gundam] Turn A Gundam returns!
Tue, 2 Mar 1999 00:33:48 EST

I like other anime, but I am a mecha fan first and foremost. I like anime for
its art too, but this new mecha design is dead dog ugly and its not a piece of
art work either. It makes me sick looking at it. I am probably rambling so
I'll stop soon. Yeah, a Gundam is a tool, but its hard to watch something when
this horriable excuse for a Gundam, is in the show. The show may be great, but
I won't be able to enjoy the parts that include this creature in them. If they
wanted to give Gundam a new look, they should have used a famous mecha
designer or an up and coming mecha designer, thats Japanese.


In a message dated 3/1/1999 10:21:44 PM Eastern Standard Time,
> It's a tool, alright, but as someone said, it's also the most serious piece
> of
> eye-candy going (next being the characters).
> I'm not sure how most people (both in Japan, and elsewhere) feel regarding
> anime (any anime, not just Gundam or mecha anime), but I watch it not only
> for
> story, but for art. Not just big mecha blowing each other to bits, but in
> how
> they're designed, artistically and technically. I'd be very ecstatic even
> the Turn-A simply stood there in the background and even if there wasn't a
> single mecha battle in the entire Turn-A series if it looked cool.
> Same goes for characters; I must admit I've tossed aside many serieses
> because
> of lousy character designs (IMHO). While pretty decent, Turn-A's character
> designs, from what I've seen so far, look like, as someone said much
> as if they shared the same face and all with different hairstyles and
> skintones
> pasted on. And I LIKED SF III's character designs....
> A good character (and mecha) design is a work of visual art, just as much
> the story and plot are works of literature.
> The art aspect is the eye-candy, yes. A casual passer-by or channel-surfer
> or
> whatever is obviously attracted to what is appealing to the eye. If Tomino
> doesn't care about the fans of the original UC series, and wants to
> attract/make a new generation of fans of a different kind, one would think
> that
> he'd  pay attention to the visual aspect of the show. Unless, that is, he
> could
> care less as to how the show will do completely so long as he gets to tell
> his
> tale.
> I think I'm starting to ramble, so I'll shut up. But does anyone else here
> watch anime for the art too?

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