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>Where can I get a real Psyco Mk. III Gundam? I'm gonna shoot Syd Mead
>with all 36 or so Beam Cannons it has :)

        Tsk, Tsk. Why use thiryty six beam cannons? I'd like to put tomino in a
gerbera tetra and make him go after Kou in the GP03s. Then he'd get the
ultimate here's looking at you sort of thing.
        To be fair though, to all the opinions ongoing about the new series...I
think the problem is the aesthetic of the show. It simply doesn't jive
with gundam aesthetics --(the crescent moon on it's face/mouthpiece). I do
seriously think, however, that the retrotech idea is quite nice...and who
knows, maybe we should wait for the upgrade of the gundam before saying
anything. If memory serves me right, gundams always get a tune-up and
additional stuff midway through the series...besides, the series sounds

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