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<< There only so many was to do the one year war, and side with those who
look forward to a change in pace. But only time will tell if this series will
be any good. >>
I actually think the story could be intriguing. I mean even Wing was a rehash
of the original series to a degree. I am glad that Tomino is taking a stand
for something different. However, I must admit that this design just looks a
little off. I wouldn't mind the mustache if it fit in with the design. But
honestly, it just looks like they threw it on to piss old Gundam fans off.
Almost as if to say to the toymakers, Ha try and sell this. It just doesn't
fit the aesthetic design of the rest of the suit. It looks like Tick Tock
form the Wizard of OZ ( the robot in the Return to Oz movie)
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