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Michael Garner (
Mon, 1 Mar 1999 23:27:54 -0500

>I think I'm starting to ramble, so I'll shut up. But does anyone else here
>watch anime for the art too?

I do watch several shows for the art (Like Macross Plus, great soundtrack, awesome animation, weak plot). But my fav's where cause of the plot. I'll give an example. A great fav of movies is (and don't give me flak for this) is Night on the Galactic Railroad. Mind you the arts at first my seem weak, but it just should a cool feel too it that I can't resist it. The plot is simple, but very strong, and this an awesome (yet slow) piece of animation. But the animation is far from special. Now mind you, any action only fans will probably hate it, so don't come ranting at me. However my all time favorite series is so, because it got a balance of wonderful animation, beautiful soundtrack, and a great plot. This series being Vision of Escaflowne. I'm also a hard core science fiction fan which also attracts me too Gundam (UC). For the most part I look forward to the plot, with art coming second. But the truly best have a balance of the two.

I really look forward to Turn A's Victorian look. The Gundam has a bizarre surreal look, and has cool overall structure too it. Generally I'm please with the art.

As for what fans want, this shows a certain lack of faith and a close mind to new things. Why not wait and see what Tomino wants to express so much, then determine if you like it. It's his art. Artist express themselves through there works and the way they see it. If Tomino does it right, no one will disagree with quality of that art. How do you know you going to hate/love it if all we've seen is a few pictures. There only so many was to do the one year war, and side with those who look forward to a change in pace. But only time will tell if this series will be any good.

Michael Garner

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