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At 20:57 1999.03.01 EST, you wrote:
>I am JUST judgeing the Mecha and its impact on the era that the Earth is in,
>in Turn A Gundam, NOT the show. I like video games because of story and game
>play, not just eye candy. Judgeing the mecha from Turn A Gundam is NOT
>judgeing the show, as I said before, when the first Turn A Gundam report was
>posted on this ML. I don't like the Gundam, but can't form an opinion of the
>show itself, until I can watch it for my self.

Okay, I may have made a bad example with the eye-candy/story line thing. I
am sure many of you still want a quality storyline, but the fact remains
that more people are putting a HUGE emphasis on the fact that Turn-A Gundam
looks stupid. I realise most of you are not judging the series by the
mechancal designs, BUT it does not sound convincing when you slag the
Turn-A all each time you see it. Why continue to do it? As I have said in
a previous post, the MS are a toll for the story and the conflict, not the
centre of it.

As for the level of technology for the era Earth is in, I love that kind of
stuff, Miyazaki has successfully done this before and I am hoping Tomino
can be just as sucessful.

>I dislike people like Tomino
>who doesn't care about their fans opinions. After all, Tomino should know
>that, the fans can make this show bomb or rule. Fans are consumers too and
>consumers have a right to consume what they want. Most stores and business's
>don't care, though.

Well, IIRC, mail to this ML have highlighted the frustration of story
creators when they create a sequel to how the fans want it, only to find
they dislike it because it is a 'rehash' or previous work or it is 'too
different' to previous work. As far as I know from information on this ML,
Tomino has catered for the fans for a long time...but now it looks as if he
wants to make the show the way he wants it.

Michael Ip
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