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> When will people realise that Tomino does not care what old Gundam fans
> think? He has already said this Gundam will be very different to other
> Gundam series, and I for one am very enthusiastic about it. I have prided
> myself on the fact that, like videogames, I opt for gameplay/story, rather
> than eye candy.
> I now firmly belive that Turn-A Gundam is really 'Tomino's Gundam'.

I am JUST judgeing the Mecha and its impact on the era that the Earth is in,
in Turn A Gundam, NOT the show. I like video games because of story and game
play, not just eye candy. Judgeing the mecha from Turn A Gundam is NOT
judgeing the show, as I said before, when the first Turn A Gundam report was
posted on this ML. I don't like the Gundam, but can't form an opinion of the
show itself, until I can watch it for my self. I dislike people like Tomino
who doesn't care about their fans opinions. After all, Tomino should know
that, the fans can make this show bomb or rule. Fans are consumers too and the
consumers have a right to consume what they want. Most stores and business's
don't care, though.

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