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Eye candy or not, I actually think the Turn-A looks pretty decent now, from the
cel-art. The big white (and useless) cross looks like its gone, and the head
even looks pretty good (sans the mustache). My only gripe is 'Why in the world
didn't they move the mustache up a bit, let's say... to the forehead?'  It would
improve the look tremendously.

Whoever said before to wait for the final version was right (on the most part),
they did make things look better considerably. I still don't _love_ the design,
but I'd say its at least acceptable (sans the mustache).

Though I'm curious to exactly how well Turn-A will do. Macross 7 seems to have
done well (so I've heard, and I found it entertaining as well^^), and that had
some ludicrous concepts going on. But then again, it did have cool, likeable (on
the most part)  mecha and a good degree of humor (albeit an incredible amount of
recycled combat footage).

Operator7G - Michael Ip wrote:

> At 19:59 1999.03.01 EST, Aaron (BlazeEagle) wrote:
> >What do you mean, this is not Gundam? It is called Turn A Gundam, isn't it?
> Although the show is called Turn-A Gundam, Kota expressly mentioned that
> the MS was called Turn-A.  Now I have to admit, that's a pretty silly name
> for an MS.
> [General whinge about mechanical designs and overall setting of Turn-A SNIP]
> I was going to wait until I got home to compose this rather than take time
> out from my thesis writing, but I just could not stand it any longer.
> When will people realise that Tomino does not care what old Gundam fans
> think?  He has already said this Gundam will be very different to other
> Gundam series, and I for one am very enthusiastic about it.  I have prided
> myself on the fact that, like videogames, I opt for gameplay/story, rather
> than eye candy.
> I now firmly belive that Turn-A Gundam is really 'Tomino's Gundam'.
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> Michael Ip
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