Re: [gundam] Turn A Gundam returns!
Mon, 1 Mar 1999 19:59:25 EST

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> For a minute there, I thought I was the only guy here that actually liked
> the new Turn-A...
> And let's get this straight folks, it ain't a Gundam, just Turn-A. So stop
> complaining.

What do you mean, this is not Gundam? It is called Turn A Gundam, isn't it?
And this new mecha does look like a Gundam. Another thing, people who haven't
seen Gundam yet, could hate all Gundam mecha, just because of the way this new
Gundam looks. This is an side story, but is still a Gundam show, since the
title is Turn A Gundam and NOT Turn A. Why this for the next Gundam show?!?!
Gundam can be redesigned much better then this horriable excuse for a Gundam.
And please, no one attack me, just because I hate this new Gundam mecha
It is going to be silly watching Biplanes fight a Gundam! Bah! I can stand the
Brain Powered mecha/organic things better then this new Gundam thing. They
could have desinged a much better and still made a new look for Gundam. I'd
like to see a Gundam story set in like year 30000, with sleek, no sharp edges
Gundams. The Gundams could be simpleified, meaning keep faces on the mecha,
but not super fancy Gundam. Maybe Gundams designed on the ideas of Garaski's
mecha, but not like Garaski's mecha.

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