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Tue, 2 Mar 1999 09:12:15 +0900 (KST)

Just arrived from oversea...

(Just like the Data Collection series, the well-rendered Gundam Mk-II
makes its front cover look glorious. :)

Released : 1999.1.14
A5 Size, 247 pages(216 color)
Price: 1600 Yen
Publisher: Asahiya Shuppan


Special Illustration Mini Pin-up "CAMILLE & FOUR"
 -drawn by Haruhiko Mikimoto. (too bad Kitazume lost his old touches after
 the "Megazone 23 Part 3"...)

Pre-History of Z Gundam
 -The long history explanation from the foundation of the Earth Federation
 to the prologue of Gryps Wars. Nothing new actually, but the 'retconned'
 footages taken from "Giren's Greed" add some fabulous tastes. (for example,
 half-bald Degin Zabi standing by Char's good old daddy Zeon Daikun.)

 -Color pages devoted to the main & sub characters of the series' first
 half. I'm glad they took the proper romanization 'CAMILLE BIDAN' instead
 of that stupid 'KAMIRU' used by Rapport and Softbank books. ;->

 And yeah, it adopts the 'now official' spelling PRINCIPALITY OF ZEON too.

Story of Z GUNDAM
 -It is composed of several minor sub-sections ; the episode title, staff,
 trailer quotes, the main body, pick up dialogue, and mini column. It
 covers episode #1~#27, and the rest will be covered in the part 2, I

Mechanics of Z GUNDAM
 -Color pages devoted to mobile suits and space cruisers appeared in the
 series' first half. Specs, technical notes, and some small picture for
 related mecha (for example, White Base for Ahgama section).

Official Art Works
 -Do I have to say more? :)

 -Your favorite technical & historical retcon-game article section. In this
 issue, we get the analysis on Federal force's corrupt military elites, and
 the evolution of MS & spaceship technology of U.C.0087.

Staff List
 -Two versions of the list. First, episode-per-episode staffs(#1-#27), and
 second, main staffs involved in the entire series' production.

Browsing the index page, I found out two weird things about the book ;

1) the index says there is the section named "CAMILLE'S TRACK IN UNIVERSE"
on page 6, but all I found was nothing more than a reprise of Mk-II's cover
picture, on the other side of the Mikimoto pin-up.

2) the index lists the STAFF LIST on page 236 (while the actual page is
246) and the OFFICIAL ART WORKS on page 237 (while the actual page is 217).

So beware.

Asahiya's coming-soon items are Z GUNDAM Film Book Part 2, Miller's Report
Film Comics, and GUNDAM : CCA - FIGHTING TEXT (rough title), according to
what I heard.

(I wish they'd do the GUNDAM ZZ Film Book too, for there is not much on
ZZ among the books released these days, except for Data Collection : Gundam
ZZ. I wonder why damn Kadokawa guys didn't reissue the Gundam ZZ 100%
Collection book!)


-Sunwook Kim

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