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Mark Simmons (
Mon, 1 Mar 1999 15:07:35 -0800

Kota is, indisputably, da man!

  Let me append a couple of other details from Fuji TV's rather detailed

  As you may infer from the fact that they have to resort to biplanes and
anti aircraft gun-equipped jeeps to fight forty-meter mobile suits, the
Earth folks are rather technologically backward (though it sounds more
like WWI-level technology, rather than the earlier-described 19th
century-level). They've long since forgotten, says Fuji TV's synopsis,
that man once traveled in space; the mysterious mobile suit "Turn A" (as
Kota notes, it's not described as a Gundam per se) is a "legacy of the
space age," i.e. a buried artifact from the high-tech days of yore.

  Also as noted by Kota, the Moon Race first try to wrangle their share
of terrestrial real estate through negotiation. Sounds like Earth is
broken up into feudal fiefdoms, ruled by aristocratic families; Gwen
Third Rheinford is the heir to the Inglessa fiefdom, and a participant in
the negotiations. Rheinford is described as a genius who aims to launch a
new industrial revolution.

-- Mark

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