[gundam] Kanno and Turn-A...

Oliver Barder (O.J.Barder@psy.hull.ac.uk)
Mon, 1 Mar 1999 23:02:11 +0000

This is actually directed at Mark (Simmons)...

...I was just interested in how you knew that Yoko Kanno
was doing the score for "Turn-A"?

The first *I* knew about it was last September when
I got a letter from Anthony Inglis (the guy who is
probably going to conduct it) that Kanno and him were
scheduled for a "Gandam" (^_^) score.

I put two and two together and reported it to the editors
I work for (namely "Manga Max" and "Music from the
Movies"). Did you see it written in these?

Anyway, I am generally pretty inquistive as to how
you found out...

Mata aouze


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