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>I was wondering:
>1. How did Char get to his position in CCA?

He pretty much created it. He took control of the remnants of the first
and developed the rest from funds he had left over from the OYW and from
grants from private individuals on the various Sides. Those are the
fellows he
walks off the stage with after his speech to his troops.

>2. Where did he get all the resources and support?

>3. Why was the Alpha Azieru so easily destroyed?

Amuro had already hit it with a few times already. That's why Guynei was
trying to protect Quess when Amuro killed him. Most especially, Amuro
had hit the megascattering cannon that is in the Azieru's neck. Chein
that lucky grenade that hit in the spot Amuro had already hit.

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