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At 14:52 1999.03.01 -0500, Kota wrote:

>Silly me, forgot to include the details about the storyline.
>Rolan, 15 yrs old kid, was sent to earth to investigate earth for the
>return of "Moon Race" along with two other kids
A spy, at 15? Well I guess this is not unusual for a Gundam series...

>(Keith Rege and Fran Doll).
I initally read that as Keith Rhee ^^;

>Moon Race tried to negotiate with the lords on earth so they can
>return to earth, but the negotiation breaks down. Lords of earth form a
>military called "Militia" (well, duh) armed with biplanes and cars with AA
Lords and biplanes? hehehe, this is really getting sound like the Laputa
'primitive hi-tech' (if you get what I mean) late 1800's society. I love
that kind of stuff ^_^ I wonder if Miyazaki has been Tomino's a secret

>Gun! Jesus, earth did deteriorate. Moon Race, OTOH are armed with 40m
40m MS? Wow, that's big.

>Rolan accidently got on the relic from the past named "Turn-A" (notice
>it's not called "Gundam")
hmmm, I had been figuring how they could get around calling it a Gundam if
the series is set in the AD time, and period presumably BEFORE the UC
continuity (if in fact they belong to the same continuity...)

Michael Ip
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