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Mon, 1 Mar 1999 14:16:25 -0500 (EST)

On Mon, 1 Mar 1999, James L. Ravelo II wrote:

> Is the Zero System also comparable to the YF-21's BCS (Macross Plus) or

No. ZERO system doesn't do anything to help you control the MS. It just
tells you to take certain actions. BCS OTOH will let you control the
plane like you want it to, but it won't help you in decisions.

> the VFX-6 Omega Valkyrie (Robotech : Aftermath or Megaroad, issue 12)?

I'm not familiar with this one.

> Which is better among the three?

It's probably bad idea to compare them, because

1) these things are from entirely different universe
2) their functionality is completely different.

Only thing I can think of that's comparable to ZERO system is EXAM system
on board 3 Blue Destiny and Ifreet Kai.

> Also, it was mentioned earlier that
> Zero system "wires" the pilot directly into the mobile suit...then
> what's the joysticks for?

Like stated previously, it doesn't help the pilot control the MS. It
tells pilot to take certain actions to achieve "ultimate victory". Heck,
in EW novelization, it even told Heero to self-destruct during the duel
with Altron Custom, when the strain was starting to get to the body of

> How come the Epyon's pilot helmet is closed?

Beats me, but apparently you don't really need the helmet to pilot it.


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