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><< Basically I know that a lot of the Battletech designs were
> cobbled for anime mecha designs. However there are a few
> in the "Battletech Technical Readout: 3055" (product number
> 8619) which I haven't s clue about (namely the ones on pages
> 97 - 111).
> They are all cell drawn and look like they have been done by
> Yutaka Izubuchi, are they from any anime?
> ...the copyright credits are made out to "Victor Musical
> Industries Inc."
> Thanks for the help!
> >>
>Well, the color plates that you are referring to were done by Dana Knutson,
>Nobuyui Ikigame, and Atsushi Takeuchi. And since Dana Knutson is also the
>editor of the rest of the illustrations, I would say the Nobuyui and Atsushi
>did the actual drawings and probably the inks.

Dana Knutson is an illustrator as well, and does concept work for movies
and so on also. Why do I know? I work with him at Wizards of the Coast
(he's an art director there). I'll ask him about his involvement with
Battletech and the Japanese illustrators.

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