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> If I remember correctly, the prices were 50 bucks CDN (about 35 US?) each
for them. Except for the Double Z, which was 74 Canadian.

come to think of it, thse HCMs wer bloody expensive even way back when they
were released. I remember my Z Gundam cost about $HK200.00 back in 1985/6,
which was about $NZ40-50.00 or $US25.00. That was a lot of money for my
old man back then...and to compare that to the MkII I got back then was
like about $HK13.00. Now 10 years on, and a bit more responsible, I still
can't find the damn thing (I know I have definitely lost the double V crest
thingy...). Maybe I'll look for it later (whih reminds me, I also have a SD
ZG somewhere too)

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