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><< Or just stick 'em in hot soapy water...
> Seriously I've not stuck my fingers together yet - sliced 'em to heck
> vinyl kits, got Superglue on them as well but not stuck 'em to anything.
> Of course, you know why Superglue's so good at sticking skin, don't you?
> Because apparently that's what it was developed for - as an alternative to
> stitches - temporary of course...
> >>
>I've glued my fingers together more times than I can remember, and have
>needed to resort to cutting or soaking the unstick them. Natural body
>perspiration will unstick any adhesive that comes into contact with your
>My brother tends to cut up his fingers a lot when converting models or
>miniatures, and he just super glues the wound shut and keeps going. Its no
>deal. And yes, super glue was developed during Vietnam as a sterile
>replacement for sutures, but because the bond brakes down through sweating,
>was never truly successful. And yes, this has nothing to do with Gundam,
>than modeling and current medical technology.

>> And here I though that super glue was used by Dr. Ray to put the RX-78 2
Oh well, if you say that it has nothing to do with Gundam... :P
Gus Jae

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