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> -It is composed of several minor sub-sections ; the episode title, staff,
> trailer quotes, the main body, pick up dialogue, and mini column. It
> covers episode #1~#27, and the rest will be covered in the part 2, I
> suppose.

Which will be forthcoming in April, so we should see it in May....

>Asahiya's coming-soon items are Z GUNDAM Film Book Part 2, Miller's Report
>Film Comics, and GUNDAM : CCA - FIGHTING TEXT (rough title), according to
>what I heard.

Miller's Report is Gundam The Movies X, which may be the last of that
series. The CCA book sounds like it might be related to the computer game
rather than the movie; I'll be interested in hearing more about it.

>(I wish they'd do the GUNDAM ZZ Film Book too, for there is not much on
>ZZ among the books released these days, except for Data Collection : Gundam
>ZZ. I wonder why damn Kadokawa guys didn't reissue the Gundam ZZ 100%
>Collection book!)

Yeah, that was Newtype 100% Collection #7 and they skipped right over it to
reprint #10 (CCA). Given that 4 is an unlucky number, because the Japanese
word for 4 sounds like the word for death ("shi"), you'd think that
they'd've jumped at the chance to make it lucky nubmer 5 ("go")....

Me, I'm hoping they'll also get around to reprinting #20 (0083), which I
missed the first time out.


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