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>Out of curiousity...
>What exactly happens to Bright Noah following CCA? In the same manner,
>what happens to the GP03 Stamen following 0083? The latter I'm thinking
>might have been detailed in an LD insert, but I'm not sure... Anyone
>have any ideas?

Bright Noah continues to serve in the Federation military, presumably until
he reaches retirement age. For US military officers, that's 62 (regular
commission) or 64 (permanent professor or registrar of USAF Academy) years
of age. Given that Bright was 19 in 0079, that would be circa UC 0122 to
0124 -- about the time of F91!

On the other hand, that's if he makes four-star General. Major Generals
are mandatorily retired after 35 years of active duty, Brigadier Generals
and Colonels after 30, Lieutenant Colonels after 28. If "Captain" isn't
just a functional title, he's already a Colonel. Presuming that he started
his career in 0079 and doesn't become a general officer, he'd be due for
mandatory retirement in UC 0109.

He's definitely still there in UC 0105, where he's embroiled in the Mafty
affair, in which his son Hathaway is the central figure. There's no
indication of his resigning because of that; if anything, he seems resolved
to hang in there and personally right any perceived wrongs with the
Federation. But unless he makes it to Major General, he'd be retired
within four years. Even if he made the rank, he'd be retired within nine
years, circa UC 0114....


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