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Sun, 28 Feb 1999 16:17:10 -0500

Yeah, tis me.

Basically, is a two-person operation, and in order to meet _huge_
demand, they're awfully busy. Don't worry though, as they'll probably get to you
soon enough.

Unless they're temporarily down (which happens every now and then)... wrote:

> In a message dated 2/28/1999 9:41:22 PM Eastern Standard Time,
> writes:
> > I don't remember who it was, but somebody said they knew the guy from
> capsule
> >  corp.  I put in a request for some vids but got absolutely no answer.
> > Anyone
> >  know what's up with that?
> I have ordered from them twice before and got good results. Did you read over
> Capsule Corps.  rules? When did you e-mail them your request? Are you looking
> for a certain show? If so, let me know I have some fansubs I am looking to get
> rid of.
> LMK(Let Me Know),
> Aaron
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