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At 10:44 1999.02.28 -0800, Roderick wrote:
>On Sun, 28 Feb 1999, Mute wrote:
>> Out of curiousity...
>> What exactly happens to Bright Noah following CCA? In the same manner,
>> what happens to the GP03 Stamen following 0083? The latter I'm thinking
>> might have been detailed in an LD insert, but I'm not sure... Anyone
>> have any ideas?
>GP03 was disassembled and probably either melted down or recycled back
>into circulation as parts. Or it is sitting next to the Ark of the
>I see no reason why Bright cannot continue to serve. He is afterall only
>in his early 40's.
From discussions on this ML, if I recall correctly, Bright is involved in
Lightning Hathaway (?), unaware that his son is th cause of the trouble.

I think Bright is an integral characater in the Amuro/Char conflict, well
the early UC era. It's a pity he has had to play 'supporting anime
character' numerous times.

Michael Ip
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