[gundam] Super Gundam Review

Richie Ramos (gaijin@i-manila.com.ph)
Mon, 01 Mar 1999 03:24:05 +0800

        Well, folks, after scrmping osme serious money and getting quite a few
strings pulled and favors asked, I have finally gotten the very thing which
got me into gundams seriously in the first place: The Super
Gundam/G-defensor unit.

        The first reaction is: THAT"S A BIG BOX. I had a fine time explaining to
my whole family that this was a model kit, not a bomb case. The box is
larger than the GP02 box, and is quite...loud.
        Anyway, on the way home, I perused the instructions, and what I got was
this: the whole thing connects via a slot/pin system on the backpack, as
correctly surmised, but with the addition of a docking collar of sorts
which fastens on to the top of the backpack. The G-defensor is full of
little details, like what I think is landing gear, a core fighter with
configuring wings and cockpit, two fully opening rocket packs with the
options for removing the individual rockets. Of course, the wings fold,
and there is some movement inviolved with the body sections rto achieve
transformation. The hyper-cannon was a nice big affair which was fastened
to the side of one ofthe rocket packs via a system similar to that used on
the rifle. It also has fold out thigh braces, for when it functions as a
transport for the rx-178.
        The assembly isn't too bad, but i do have a few things to point out.
        The first one is that it is obvious that the mk2 will still have a hard
time posing this thing. It looks heavy.
        The gun looks like it will have bad fit problems when it ocmes to the
hands and to keeping it stuck to the pylon.

        Anyway, It's still a kick-butt kit. I am very happy ibought it.

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Richard Ramos
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