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On Sun, 28 Feb 1999, Prabal Nandy wrote:

> > >scared by the mysterious power of Amuro (and even other White Base
> > beginning of Zeta under house arrest. The Feds trusted him to win the war
> > for them, but not enough for him to have a normal life.
> I think there are two critical RL points that people might be missing
> about this that would explain Amuro's situation a little better:
> 4. There are alot of unanswered questions about the Gundam and the
> 1YW that the Fed probably want to ask Amuro about. Furthermore, as
> a civilian he can't be court-martialed by the Fed for dereliction
> of duty, theft of government property, misuse of government
> property, reckless endangerment, etc. But they'll be damned if
> they'll let him _walk_away_ after all those stunts he pulled!

While Amuro is a civilian at the beganning of the show, I thought the
whole point of the award ceremony was to demostrate that Federation have
reconginize his field comissioned as an Ensign? He and his neighbors have
been pressed into military service when Side 7 was attacked. And for
Military's unwillingness to punish him whenever Amuro screws up, he is the
test pilot that GM's OS is going to be based on. You really don't want to
slay the golden goose.

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