Re: [gundam] HCM Question
Sat, 27 Feb 1999 22:44:07 EST

They are toys and HCM stands for High Complete Model. I have one and its
basically a completed and painted model and they have moveable joints. Grab up
as many as you can, because they are awesome! Some have been re released also.

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> Hello,
> I went home last week and saw a bunch of HCM Gundam kits at a local hobby
> store. Plain cardboar boxes with pictures of the models.
> Do you have to assemble these? I've been hearing a lot about them being
> prized collectables and such, and the boxes for these look like they're very
> new. They had the gold Shiki, Zeta, Double-Z, Alex, and som L-Gaim HCM.
> these worth getting? Can someone tell me more about them? Are they as
> collectable as some say they are?
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