Re: [gundam] HCM Question

Mark Nguyen (
Sat, 27 Feb 1999 19:20:44 PST

>I went home last week and saw a bunch of HCM Gundam kits at a local
hobby store. Plain cardboar boxes with pictures of the models.

>Do you have to assemble these? I've been hearing a lot about them
being prized collectables and such, and the boxes for these look like
they're very new. They had the gold Shiki, Zeta, Double-Z, Alex, and
som L-Gaim HCM. Are these worth getting? Can someone tell me more
about them? Are they as collectable as some say they are?

HCM = "High Complete Model"... In other words, they're finished models
sold as such. They're not "true" plamodels, but are more just "the
modeller's toy". Rare and expensive, especially for he original issue.

Say Albert, where in town did you find these HCMs? I don't remember
seeing any last time I was in Chinatown...


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