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>I know this is Battletech but I thought this would be the
>place to ask.
>Basically I know that a lot of the Battletech designs were
>cobbled for anime mecha designs. However there are a few
>in the "Battletech Technical Readout: 3055" (product number
>8619) which I haven't s clue about (namely the ones on pages
>97 - 111).
>They are all cell drawn and look like they have been done by
>Yutaka Izubuchi, are they from any anime?
>...the copyright credits are made out to "Victor Musical
>Industries Inc."

These are glosses of the redesigns done by Shouji Kawamori for the Japanese
version of BattleTech. They were done by a pair of Japanese artists,
Noboyuki Ikigame and Atsushi Takeuchi.


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