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>Subj: Crusade Gone For Now Section: Bab 5: General
>From: J. Michael Straczynski 71016,1644 # 61336, 5 Replies
> To: All Date: 26-Feb-99 16:12
> Well, we took our best shot. Sometimes it works, sometimes it
> The SciFi Channel programming guys wanted the show; they wanted it a
>lot. They crunched numbers for almost two weeks trying to make it work.
>But at the end of the day, the problem was that they had already allocated
>or spent their budget for the year, and couldn't come up with the huge
>chunk of change necessary to get an entire season. Had this come up prior
>to January 1st, things would almost certainly have gone differently. But
>they have their budget, as we have ours, and it was already allocated.
> So TNT will now air the full 13 produced, and that's the end of it
>for now. I say for now because WB has told us to fold and hold all the
>sets, rather than scrap them, because they believe strongly in the show,
>and feel that when the ratings come in we may well be able to pick up a
>second season. We'll see.
> Meanwhile, I'm taking the day off, and deciding which of a number
>of offers from networks and studios, sitting on my desk since B5
>finished, to pick up. I had declined to go that route so I could do
>Crusade and keep playing in this universe, but absent that, there's no
>reason not to go back to the networks and apply there some of what we've
>been able to do in B5 and Crusade.
> My thanks to all those who wrote, and called, and emailed, and lent
>their support to the process. And I think that when you see the show,
>you'll be quite pleased by what we did. We're all very proud of it.
> jms

It looks like G-Saviour is the only live-action SF to which we can look
forward this year....


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