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At 27 Feb 99, at 14:38, A Long Time Ago, In A Galaxy, starred in 'Chairman Mao, the musical':

> >in the "Battletech Technical Readout: 3055" (product number
> >8619) which I haven't s clue about (namely the ones on pages
> >97 - 111).
> >
> >They are all cell drawn and look like they have been done by
> >Yutaka Izubuchi, are they from any anime?
> These were designs made for the Japanese version of Battletech. Many of
> them
> later saw use in the Solaris VII Boxed set, and now in the newest
> editions of
> the TR: 3050 and 3055.
This kinda OT ^_^;;

That reminds me of a story that a friend told me about some
Battletech convention or something (It's been awhile since I heard
it) where FASA unveiled the Japanese deisigns and some fan (in
full House Steiner getup) shouted 'How DARE the Japanese do this
to our mechs!" That story had me on the floor rolling ^_^:;

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