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On Sat, 27 Feb 1999, A Long Time Ago, In A Galaxy, Far, Far Away.... wrote:

> Well, thee aren't that many, since most of them were killed off by the
> end of
> ZZ. As far as I remember, the only ones who really made it to CCA was
> Kayra
> and Astonage. Kayra got killed soon after making a promise to show up for
> a pineapple salad, and Astonage was killed in the hangar deck explosion
> right before Hathaway stole the Jegan.

Actually, Kayra never appeared in any of the previous series. I think you
are mistaking her for someone else. (Kyara from ZZ maybe? She collided
into one of the Quebeleys at the very last episode, in order for Hamaan to
fight Judo w/o interruption)

> BTW: What's the deal with pineapple salads? It seems that everytime a
> pilot
> says to their loved one that they will come back for their pineapple
> salad, they
> end up dead after the next battle. Do pineapple salads have a bad rap, or
> is it
> an in-joke?

??? In what other series pineapple salad mentioned?
> >>> 3) Not a Question: now I understand why so many pple on this
> >>>list want to spank Quess. =)
> >>So do you want to join the Anit-Quess League?
> >
> > She really sets my teeth on the edge... arrggh. Kill! =)
> So I will put you down as a yes.

Hm, like Jim, I never understood people's hatred toward Quess (but I
didn't think she was sweet though). I mean, she was annoying some what,
but there are characters far more annoying than her, like Al (I'm watching
0080 again, and my god this kid annoys me), Beltochika Irma, and most of
all, Frost Brothers! And I have a feeling I'm going to get really pissed
off at Shakti when I get to see VG in its entirity.


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