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>I know this is Battletech but I thought this would be the
>place to ask.
>Basically I know that a lot of the Battletech designs were
>cobbled for anime mecha designs. However there are a few
>in the "Battletech Technical Readout: 3055" (product number
>8619) which I haven't s clue about (namely the ones on pages
>97 - 111).
>They are all cell drawn and look like they have been done by
>Yutaka Izubuchi, are they from any anime?
>...the copyright credits are made out to "Victor Musical
>Industries Inc."
>Thanks for the help!
        Hello, Ollie! This will be the first question at the Minami
quiz, you know... ^_^
        I did have this explained to me, but unfortunately, I've lost
the relevant mail, so I'm going from memory. From what I can remember,
FASA commissioned a number of designs from Japanese artists - whether
specifically for the 3055 manual, or just whether they were intended for
the Japanese market only, and then there was a change of heart, I don't
know. Some of the designs were altered for the readout; for example, at
least one Mech was equipped with a sword in the original designers
sketch... the black and white ones were "redrawn" by (presumably) US
artists from the original Japanese designs.
        AFAIK, they were only for FASA, and not intended for any anime.
According to the Staff credits, the "colour plates" were done by
Nobuyuki Ikigame and Atsushi Takeuchi.
        "If you say 'information is ammunition' one more time, I'm going
to place this axe in a *very* uncomfortable place... " ^_^

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