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>>Zeta, or ZZ. The relationships started in the earlier series and ended
> I know _roughly_ which characters are from MSG (I read the
>translated novels...), but who are the people from Z or ZZ in CCA?

Well, thee aren't that many, since most of them were killed off by the
end of
ZZ. As far as I remember, the only ones who really made it to CCA was
and Astonage. Kayra got killed soon after making a promise to show up for
a pineapple salad, and Astonage was killed in the hangar deck explosion
right before Hathaway stole the Jegan.
BTW: What's the deal with pineapple salads? It seems that everytime a
says to their loved one that they will come back for their pineapple
salad, they
end up dead after the next battle. Do pineapple salads have a bad rap, or
is it
an in-joke?

>>> 3) Not a Question: now I understand why so many pple on this
>>>list want to spank Quess. =)
>>So do you want to join the Anit-Quess League?
> She really sets my teeth on the edge... arrggh. Kill! =)

So I will put you down as a yes.

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