Re: [gundam] Ordering from HLJ
Sat, 27 Feb 1999 19:19:36 +0900

At 9:56 AM +0900 2/27/99, Access Denied wrote:
> I was wondering if anyone receive any order status recently from HLJ? The
> last one I received was over two weeks ago( supposly be weekly updated).
> Send them an email about a future release kit( 23,800 yen resin) which I
> plan to order and they don't even bother to reply. I used to have faith in
> them, but not anymore. I'm switching to R10 from now on. Please correct
> me if you receive an update from them recently. Thanks.

Thank you for your mail asking about the status of your order. Our most
recent update has just been sent today, Feb. 27. At the present time, our
order handling is somewhat backed-up and mail updates about order status are
going out every 10-14 days instead of once per week. Please accept our
apologies for the delay. You'll be pleased to learn that we are currently
developing an on-line order status checking system that will allow you to
use the web to check your order whenever you want to. We hope to have this
system in place in the next 6-8 weeks. Thanks for your patience while we

Scott T. Hards
President, HobbyLink Japan
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