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On Sat, 27 Feb 1999, Chien Ting Chin wrote:

> > Interesting. Explain what you mean by this statement. I'm not familiar
> > with this term "Genki". Are you suggesting that Tomino believes that there
> > is a different social order that will supercede our modern industrial one?
> In an interview about Turn-A Gundam published in a magazine (which one?),
> someone (Kota?) translated this line: "New series will focus on emotion,
> and idea that will destroy the industrial society today."

Well, I admit, Jim's translation is better than mine. I think what Tomino
really meant by that is he's going to focus some of the things we
sacrificed when we moved toward industrial society, which seems to be the
root of many social problems today (at least in Japan anyway)

See it again one more time here...
> > Tomino: (approximately) people's life energy had become weak due to
> > "modern industrial society". "The new work will be a story about how
> > people regain that will to live (Genki), return them to the primal
> > emotions, and get out linear way of thinking that comes with
> > industrial society."
> > shutting Amuro out of the plot really 'advances' anything except a
> > storyline which is pointless to advance beyond the 1YW.
> Hey! I am an Amuro fan too, really. But don't you think Amuro would have
> been snubbed by the Fed after 1yw? Remember what Char said in the sword
> fight? "you are showing too much Newtype power" It's quite reasonable
> (according to 1yw) to think that the Old Boys' Club in the Fed would be
> scared by the mysterious power of Amuro (and even other White Base crews).
> That's why the last ep. ends in a very subdue almost tradgic mood.

...I believe that's what crews of White Base were discussing before the
battle. And that's exactly what happened when the war concluded.
> [BTW, isn't music amazing? My heart still breaks when I listen to the
> song they played as Amuro drifts towards his White Base family on the
> rescue craft. I understand not a word in the lyrics, but a lump came up to
> my throat no less.]

Yeah, it's pretty good, but it's not comparable to some of the BGM from
later Zeta as far as I'm concerned.
> > > Amuro did the opposite, he rebelled when he had nothing as asset, and when
> > > later he gained a foothold in life, he did it by selling out to a system
> > > that treated him as yet another expendable MS pilots.
> >
> > What, the Federation? You think the Egalatarianism of the Federation is
> > _worse_ than the Elitist Zeons? Isn't that what Democracy (Fed) is all
> > about, as opposed to the archaic samurai-warrior Fuedal system of Zeon?

Fed is democracy in name only. I mean, seriously, what kind of democratic
government will make organization like Man Hunter? Forcing its population
to move to space?

> Hey, I never said I care for Zeons for one iota. But bottomline is, a
> democracy doesn't always make a caring government. Tomino took many
> oppotunties to show many Fed agents (from lowly infantry soldiers to the
> highest generals) had a contempt even loathing for mere individual
> citizens. Besides, don't forget that Hitler, Emperor Hirohito,

Wow, back up a second. His name should not be in the list, replace it
with Hideki Tojo. I consider myself anti-right wing (but not left wing),
but this I completely disagree. My impression was he was used as a
figurehead. I mean, McArthur didn't put him on a post-war trial.

> Stalin,
> Chairman Mao and Degin Zabi all had the popular support (3 of them
> actually won democractic-style elections) when they started. Sure a few
> assassinations and other minor details were involved, but that's small
> matters ;)

> It's nothing wrong with Amuro, it's lots wrong with the Feds. Why is our
> hero so apprehensive about the war? Because A Bao A Qu was not a
> victory of the human spirit, of true freedom. It's a victory for gentle
> dictatorship, a victory for power structures and bearucracts.

I completely agree with you.

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