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>Everyone has a different interpretation on Gundam, and that's a good
>thing. My story is that when I was 11 and totally fall over myself loving
>Gundam, I still sub-consciously sensed that I was loving the other aspects
>of the TV show. Now a really cool robot with a really big gun doesn't
>excite me anymore, but Gundam remains a true favourite of mine. And I am
>writting this to perhaps encourage some of you to think about the people
>inside the Big Bad Stomping Mechas.
>more mumbling coming up...

        Aye, i will agree with yopu on that, though. The people inside are what
make the show. The mecha make great toys, and make great kits, but the
heart of the show will always bethe characters. specially if the mecha and
the character somehow reflect each other so well that one sees the mecha as
an extension of the character's attributes, while the mecha in turn also
reflects itself in the character. that would be perfect, and then marry
that to a kick ass story.

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