Re: [gundam] Ordering from HLJ
Fri, 26 Feb 1999 21:57:25 EST

In a message dated 2/26/1999 9:40:38 PM Eastern Standard Time,

> >Send them an email about a future release kit( 23,800 yen resin) which I
> >plan to order and they don't even bother to reply. I used to have faith in
> >them, but not anymore. I'm switching to R10 from now on. Please correct
> >me if you receive an update from them recently. Thanks.
> Word has it that Scott Hards gets royally pissed off whenever someone
> mentions Rainbow Ten...

Wow, I have to order from HLJ, as they accept money orders and Rainbow Ten
deoesn't and I need to see a picture of what I order, if I am not sure what
the item looks like. I like HLJ, but they are slow, espcially with money
orders, as HLJ's FAQ says.

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