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<< hey, I can't disagree with you while admitting that I am building models
 practically 50% of my free time, right? it's interesting to read that so
 many ppl started on Gundam from the models, which is opposite from me: I
 started with anime -> Gundam -> robot models -> military models. When I
 looked at the GP-02 model, I screamed 'oh they turned my beautiful Gundam
 into an armadillo!', and when I saw GP-03 model, I screamed 'oh they
 turned my beautiful Gundam into a hentai tentacle monster!'. My nerves
 were clam down a little after I saw (end of) 0083, but still these spikey
 reincarnated samurais bug me.
 Everyone has a different interpretation on Gundam, and that's a good
 thing. My story is that when I was 11 and totally fall over myself loving
 Gundam, I still sub-consciously sensed that I was loving the other aspects
 of the TV show. Now a really cool robot with a really big gun doesn't
 excite me anymore, but Gundam remains a true favourite of mine. And I am
 writting this to perhaps encourage some of you to think about the people
 inside the Big Bad Stomping Mechas.
 more mumbling coming up...

I got into Gundam by first playing role playing games, then table top war-
games, then using better models for the table top war-games, then just getting
the models because they were really cool, and then the actual anime finally
dropped into my price range. (Or was it that my price range rose up to the
anime's cost? ::shrugges::) So, from the anime, I'm moved on to this fine
List. An odd trail, I must admit, but a truly fun one to have followed when I
look back on it. And Gundam is some much better when you can get out the
models and tape measures, and fight out a battle of your own while watching
those same models (now Mecha) on the TV fighting it out. It's like being a kid
again. (Or a fun way to play games with your kids?)

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