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<< Well, that Gerbera Tetra arrived in the post today. [Don't B-club kits come
 in small boxes?]
 Now, I've built a few resin kits but they've all been figures [And 4 of
 them have been SD] and hence they've been fixed pose. [And it's full action]
 Apart from having to get some bigger drills [The bigger polycaps need 3mm
 holes or there abouts] I've never sprayed anything that had to be put
 together so that it was movable before. What kind of masking stuff should I
 use? Also, what's a good shade of red for it? The picture on the box looks
 like a dark pink [Yes, I know pink is just light red, but you know what I
 mean, even if I don't] and slightly orangy. [A bit like the colour of Red
 Dwarf - as it was pointed out to me...]
 Also, it says not to glue in any of the polycaps. Now would I be better off
 glueing the ones in the hands, feet, wrists and ankles into the resin, so
 they don't come out, or not? [No, I don't mean glueing the polycaps
 Anyway, thanks in advance

I should have a resin Gerbera Tetra coming soon, also, but I haven't seen it
yet. As to your modeling questions, I'm building a 1/220 Nu Gundam right now,
and it's going pretty easy. I did have to buy a 2 mm and a 3 mm drill bits
(actually a 1.9 mm and a 2.8 mm, the closest I could fine). The polycaps stay
in fine without gluing, but I may just glue them in after I'm done painting.
I'll decide that later. As to painting, I decided to go ahead and complete the
model as much as possible before painting. Then I'll mask off the polycaps,
primer, and base coat with a spray, then detail by brush. Do the touch ups
around the masking with a brush, lacquer around the polycaps with a brush, and
then mask it again and spray on the final two coats of lacquer. Of course, if
there's an easier way, I'm open for it. Until this model, I've only ever
painted white metal and plastic miniatures for table top gaming. This was the
best method I could come up with, and I will probably change it some as I
encounter problems or if I just get bored.

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