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Prabal Nandy (nandy@U.Arizona.EDU)
Fri, 26 Feb 1999 15:42:03 -0700 (MST)

> Oooh... I am not too sure about this one. It seems to me Amuro is
> outwardly antisocial, but inwardly longs for approval from other
> people, even enemy like Ranba Ral. Later in the war, he learn to be

  Well, he's a very deprived child, and hence looks to everyone for the
approval and love he feels he never got from his workaholic parents.
Typical post-industrial age teenage angst, as is fashionable these days.

> comfortable with himself and the White Base family but not much more.
> Char is more enigmatic (duh!), he's outwardly a dashing charismatic hero,
> but inwardly he rejected family, nation and even commrades (note: he
  Yes. This is simply because Char decided that the point of his life was
to bear grudges and exact revenge. It's the standard by which he sets all
of life's goals, and then convinces himself that he had no choice. Without
something to "get back at" Char becomes an empty shell devoid of purpose
and basically just a hanger-on.

> didn't fail to connect, he rejected). Yes he truly loved Lalah Sun, but
> that's a whole new topic.

  I truly believe that Char did _not_ love Laura Sun, and furthermore he
was incapable of opening himself up enough to ever love or be loved by
anyone. He may have obsessed over her, wanted her power, demanded her
loyalty, but Char is fundamentally incapable of leaving his anger
and schemes behind far enough to be a 'real person' capable of making that
sort of connection with another real person. As Laura says, she's indebted
to him and loyal to him for that reason, but his heart is black and
unlovable. He's a shell of a man.

> Granted, I haven't see CCA in full, so my view is developed from 0079
> only.

  Me too...

> > Amuro grew up. Char didn't. That's the point of the first Gundam. The
> This, I really beg to differ.

  I didn't really see a whole lot of CHARacter development.... GRIN.

> > sequels are thus inherently flawed because they require Amuro to regress to
> > somewhat less than he was at the end of the first Gundam simply to make the
> That's very sad. I thought there's a lot of room to develop: Bright and
> Mirai should rise fast and high thru the ranks, given time both should
> top out at mid-low level strategic staff; Salya, Hayato and Kei

  Yeah, but who cares?
  I mean, I don't see getting "Military Field Promotions" and "Rising
through the ranks of the Federation" as being valid modes of character
development, nor do I see it as really advancing the Gundam Philosophy or
the apparent point of the show. Just having a show where the characters
are all 10-years older, higher-ranked, and making more money is not what I
call "development".

> should each get a Gundam; esp. Salya and Hayato should also move into
> fairly respectable ranks. Amuro should get a ton load of medals and
> shoved off to a far out-of-sight corner, only to be brought back out once
> in a while for some suicide special op. Char would pull another come-back

  So you think the point of a new gundam series should be to give all the
supporting characters shiny cool Gundam prototypes and send them on heroic
samurai missions in space? Hey, it's Wing Gundam Plus! Heh heh.

> and became a champion for spacenoid and/or newtypes. THEN Tomino
> really push the theme forward while keeping the same characters, rather
> than recycling the same theme with new characters.

  Hmm... I'll have to disagree or at least reserve judgement here. I don't
think giving the same characters more gimmicks toys and hardware while
shutting Amuro out of the plot really 'advances' anything except a
storyline which is pointless to advance beyond the 1YW.
  I regard the 1YW as I'd regard the frame of the Mona Lisa. Well crafted,
sturdy, sensible and strongly-designed, but if you center your attention
on it you simply miss the bigger picture.


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