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Prabal Nandy (nandy@U.Arizona.EDU)
Fri, 26 Feb 1999 15:24:31 -0700 (MST)

> I completely disagree! As I said in previous post, I think the potential
> to develop all the major characters is tremendous. You can do a second

  Hm. But that is the rub isn't it?
  I mean, from what I've seen of Gundam, _Amuro_ is THE major character,
everyone else fills a role in his pseudo-famility, whether it be
foster-father, mother-figure, or younger sibling/rival.

> story arc with matured Bright, Mirai, Salya, Hayato, Kei, Char and Amuro,
> while grooming Kikka, Katsu and Retsu (and/or others of the same

   It seems to be a little too "Guiding Light"-ish. I.e., a soap opera
where once the main character has reached his peak we continue by
exploring the lives and loves of all the background characters one by one.
Not exactly a new kettle of fish!

> generation: powerful Newtypes growing up as wartime orphans) as the focus
> for the third story arc. Yes more classic tragedies, or rather

  The CHUNKY stereotype is something I can't STAND about later Gundams!

> > many innocents. Isn't this the private tragedy of so many people in RL who
> > go on to live bitter, sensless, manipulative lives dreaming of a day when
> Wow! I like your writting. Didn't expect the "liberal" side from you
> Probe! :) (ok "liberal" is not the right word, but hey...)

  "Sensitive" maybe? (Blaugh!)
  Heh, my ML persona is just one of many! Mhu ha ha ha ha!

> > To continue gundam endlessly is like to have a play in a room after the
> > main actors have left the stage, just so you can re-use the sets over and
> No no no, you can push the story onward with so many interesting
> directions. E.g. if Tomino wants to destroy industrial society, you can
> convincingly do that by the third story arc. Now that sould be called a

  Okay, I do agree with that assessment... but I also stipulate that
gundam has _never_ changed directions. The sequels are more like
'rehashes' of the same basic plot-style with different characters (Camille
instead of Amuro, Usso instead of Amuro, etc), rather than spinoffs
exploring the "Gundam Philosophy" in different directions with different

> > The whole point of the Newtype (as I see it) was
> > completely perverted into some kind of de-facto anime superheroishness
> I agree with you, Mark and Probe. What a wasted oppotunity.

  As if the idea of "Newtype" got completely misunderstood by the fans
that demanded all sorts of hollywoodisms out of Tomino.

> Evangelion aims at a very metaphysical target: "God vs. Man". I don't

  Oh no... I totally disagree with that! Especially after the last three
episodes! But that's really not something we should be discussing here
right now... and I'm not sure Tomino really has conflict that can be
summed up easily like that unless you can say "Child versus Adult" (Where
in effect, ironically, the Child is the antagonist).

> think Tomino is very interested in that. If as the interview said, he's
> interested in the natural development and termination of industrial social
> structure, then the Newtypes can easily be the catalyst of the downfall.

  Well, for a guy trying to topple Industrial society, he sure has alot of
MACHINES in his stories!
  Seriously, I think his "Ludditeism" is something _new_, not something he
was pushing with the original gundam series or those sequels. (Except
maybe V-Gundam.)

> It would be interesting to see if Tomino has an answer for what the
> post-industrial world would look like, after people have "regain that will
> to live (Genki)".

  Interesting. Explain what you mean by this statement. I'm not familiar
with this term "Genki". Are you suggesting that Tomino believes that there
is a different social order that will supercede our modern industrial one?
Or that humans are destined to regress into primitivism (I.e.,
upside-down-A gundam?)

> Tomino/Gundam could steal the thunder back from Anno/Evagelion if he
> convince the fans that the "end to the world as we know it" is not just
> possible, but the most probable most natural outcome of our Ayn Randish
> society. I guess that's Heinlein mixed in with a lot of John Ralston

  Interesting, I think I see what you mean, but the problem with it is
that it's very "Naussica" and very "Akira" and very (Insert name of
typical anti-techno trendy anime here). It's just not a new idea at all to
anime. It's been a Japanese cultural icon ever since "Godzilla".

> > There is ALOT to rebel against, and Tomino is about the only guy who
> > could do it and get away with it. But I don't think he'll try... here's to
> My fingers are crossed, but my breaths isn't holding.

  I totally agree! Here's to hoping!
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