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Rodrick Su (
Fri, 26 Feb 1999 11:07:59 -0800

At 10:21 AM 2/26/99 , Chris Beilby wrote:
>Fuller, Bill wrote:
>> HI, I just finished watching the 3 Gundam movies, and the one thing
>that I
>> can't understand is the way the gravity seems to work on the ships and
>> stations. They seem to walk normally when they want to, and then
>have the
>> ability to just push off and float there.
>> Now, I started reading the Gundam novels a little while ago, and I
>know that
>> they are different from the anime, but the one thing that they
>> there is Velcro all over the floor and on the bottom of their boots.
>> Is this the official answer to that, or is there something more
>complex, or
>> is it that I just know nothing about physics?
> My guess would either be this, or that the Minovski Ship System
>actually can
>generate very low amounts of artificial gravity (Along the lines of .2
>to .3 g)

Great, another magical property to the Minovski particle. Lets just
the space ship without rotating section as Zero-G...

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