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>Well the Nu Gundam was the largest. It's Head Height was 23m, not including
>the Fin Funnels. The RX-78 was only 18m. F91's and V are only 15m tall,
>down there with a Valkyrie. Wing's are hitting just below 17m. I think
>that was due to the fact that the Feds had no compatition against other MS,
>so their MS where design to take on slow armour or flying units. Then
>these wonderful Gundams pop up that are designed to take on other MS with
>it's happy gundamium armor.

        hmmm...I have the valkyries at 1/100, and from the looks of it, they
are about a head smaller than even the f91 and V2...It makes ense that they
get smaller as time goes by, what with the use of better technology...but
give me a big bad superrobot any time!

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