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         Hello.. I just got my paws on a copy of CCA. A few questions:
         1) how long was rhe show? mine is a 2 hr version, which is quite
 rushed.. I barely understood half the relationships of the pple involved
 befre they died. =)
 It is only a two hour movie, A 2 hour Movie.....hey skipper

no but really since most of CCA is wrapping up the orignal series, you really
have to be familiar with them from the original series so that you can
understand what they have become by the time of CCA

         2) which Gundam was Amuro using before he gotten the Nu Gundam?
Amuro had the Re-G/Refined Gundam Zeta

         3) Not a Question: now I understand why so many pple on this list
 want to spank Quess. =)
She needs a spanking
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