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> 1) how long was rhe show? mine is a 2 hr version, which is quite
> rushed.. I barely understood half the relationships of the pple involved
> befre they died. =)

Tha's it! It's a Theatrical movie, completely two hours long, plus or
minus few minutes.
> 2) which Gundam was Amuro using before he gotten the Nu Gundam?

Gimme spoiler space for this first...

> 3) Not a Question: now I understand why so many pple on this list
> want to spank Quess. =)

"The Dark Side is Seductive, da?"

[Spolier Space... Beware]


[End of Spoiler Space]
1. Quess likes Char, and goes insane over him. However, she also has a
crush on Amuro.
2. Amuro is supposedly dating/has a relationship with/likes? Chein, but
that's not too certain. From a previous Gundam Series, Amuro finds that
his NT soulmate is Lara Sun, the swan, the ghost of solomon, "mother to
Char," and one hecuva NT.
3. Char and his moll (forget her name). Char doesn't like Quess, but uses
her for his ultimate goal, to kick the crap out of Amuro and generally
laugh at him once axis hits paydirt... The Moll and Char seems to have NT
Connection with each other.
4. Hathaway seems to like Quess, and trys to stop Quess from going to the
dark side, and you all know what happens there.
5. Hathaway and Bright are father and son.
5b. Mirai and Bright are married, and that's the sole reason why Hathaway
is there.
6. Camroon Bloom, the guy who supplied Bright with Nukes, sought the fair
hand of Mirai, but lost out to Bright. And you can see why he gave bright
the Nukes.
7. And, finally, Gyunei, the psycho that he is, thinks he will take over
Neo-Zeon if he ices Amuro instead of Char, and thus plays into Char's hand
even deeper. Of course, Gyunei is smittened by Quess...
8. Haro's the "eternal mascot" of Gundam, and tags around Hathaway.
That's the green beach ball like thing, for those of you who are not
initiated to Gundamverse, but you shouldn't be here in the first place, no?

All in all, enought tangles and what not to make Melrose Place look tame.
Add in Explodable MS, and voila! Gundam in a nutshell!

Y. "Aaron Spelling" Choe
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