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> 1) how long was rhe show? mine is a 2 hr version, which is quite
>rushed.. I barely understood half the relationships of the pple involved
>befre they died. =)

That's about right. The relationships didn't need to be explained. CCA is
the end of the original UC storyline. It started in MSG, continued in
Zeta, and
was brought to a head in Zeta Zeta, and ended in CCA. CCA is the Return
the Jedi of UC Gundam. Almost all of the characters there came from MSG,
Zeta, or ZZ. The relationships started in the earlier series and ended in
The only characters who were truely new were Guynei, Quess, and Chein.
And these folks could be simply explained away as folks the original
picked up on their way to this conclusion.

> 2) which Gundam was Amuro using before he gotten the Nu Gundam?

That was the Re-GZ. Refined Gundam Zeta.

> 3) Not a Question: now I understand why so many pple on this
>want to spank Quess. =)

So do you want to join the Anit-Quess League?

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