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Michael Garner (
Thu, 25 Feb 1999 20:43:14 -0500

> That's true. the newer kits are SMALLER compared the older stuff -- my ZZ
>and my NU are real big compared to the Wing stuff and the F91. The
>smallest, however, are the F90 and V kits...they look good though..

Well the Nu Gundam was the largest. It's Head Height was 23m, not including
the Fin Funnels. The RX-78 was only 18m. F91's and V are only 15m tall,
down there with a Valkyrie. Wing's are hitting just below 17m. I think
that was due to the fact that the Feds had no compatition against other MS,
so their MS where design to take on slow armour or flying units. Then
these wonderful Gundams pop up that are designed to take on other MS with
it's happy gundamium armor.

But answer this? Why the heck do all of Wings MSs weight in at 7 tons? Is
that the MS's mass that Bandai is giving? So then a Leo would weight 70
tons on earth? I somehow think not.

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