Re: [gundam] Newtype as an adoptation to space.
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<< From what I can tell, newtype sometimes can sense other's empathy as
 well as sending. This allows a newtype to sense other newtype or
 newtype dependant weapon. I am not quite sure how useful this is for
 space living, but just to not that.>>

The ability to sense others, even through the void of space can be a great
survival tool, allowing you to find others, and others to find you, with
resorting to direct sensing equipment. This would be a great advantage in
finding that one stray emergency life pod during a rescue operation, or
preventing that guy out there with a gun from breaching your habitats walls.
<<Finally, some newtype seemed to be grafted with limited intuitive
perception. Here I am talking about Amuro's seemingly ability to sense where
his enemies will be and takes the action to make sure that they cease to be.
Definitely very useful when piloting a spacecraft... >>

Again, in a Minovsky particle enriched environment, being able to find danger
or help is a vital survival skill.

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