[gundam] Newtype as an adoptation to space.

Rodrick Su (rsu@tigana.com)
Thu, 25 Feb 1999 08:10:46 -0800

The original idea of Zeon Daikun was that in order for Humanity to
achieve the next level of evolution, Humanity needs to be in space.
Now, lets see how much of that was evident in UC time line.

One thing that have struck me about newtype abilities is that they
are not apparent until the persons undergoes tremendous stress
brought on by his circumstance. Amuro, probably the first documented
newtype have a operating manual in his lap when 2 Zaku was gunning at
him and Gundam. Likewise, Seabook Arno was suddenly throw into the
middle of a battlefield when he started to pilot Guntank.

I also got the impression that the longer you stay around a newtype
manifesting their power, the more likely your own ability will also
show up. This is somewhat true of Sayla Mass.

Lets look at some of the newtype abilities and how, outside the
context of the battlefield, they are useful adaptation:

Amuro's reflex and aiming skill is well documented in Gundam.
Against lesser opponents, he rarely needs more than 2 shot to kill
them. Outside of war, he can be considered a very good pilot. In
space, which is a much more unforgiven environment compare to Earth,
your first mistake is often your last one. Having someone with
superior reflex and aiming ability is a very good plus.

well as sending. This allows a newtype to sense other newtype or
newtype dependant weapon. I am not quite sure how useful this is for
space living, but just to not that.

Finally, some newtype seemed to be grafted with limited intuitive
perception. Here I am talking about Amuro's seemingly ability to
sense where his enemies will be and takes the action to make sure
that they cease to be. Definitely very useful when piloting a

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